Picture this – you’re out driving, whether to work, school, or just running daily errands, when the unthinkable happens: an accident. No matter the accident’s severity, your vehicle is designed to act as a protective cocoon around you during a collision.

But after the accident, and after you check yourself for injuries, your vehicle is the next thought on your mind. How bad is the damage? Is the car totaled? And one dreaded thought by everyone: what will this cost me, and what will insurance cover?

Automotive Specialties has witnessed many post-collision automotive repair projects since it’s doors opened in 1983. Through years of experience, they have discovered how important it is for their customers to understand what characteristics to look for in selecting an auto body shop to get their repairs done.

Steps To Take Following An Accident

Explore Estimates – Your vehicle may be damaged in a multitude of ways, stirring a bit of panic in your chest. Don’t let that panic cause you to make a rash decision on an auto body repair shop; by law you are not obligated to get more than one estimate and you have the right to choose the shop of your choice, not necessarily one recommended by your insurance company.  Remember, most of the shops your insurance company may refer you to have some type of working agreement that benefits both the shop and the insurance company.  Be sure you are comfortable with the shop you choose.

Warranty Offerings
 – Many auto repair shops ensure the quality of their post-collision repair work by offering a range of warranties for your work. Some even guarantee their job indefinitely with a lifetime warranty, so before you agree to have a shop do the work, ask them about their warranties.

Customer Reviews 
– These can be subjective, but Google or Yelp! Reviews can reflect how an auto body shop has handled past collision repairs. People are quite transparent about their experiences, so if there are enough good or bad reviews about a particular facility, it may help guide your decision.

Your Make and Model 
– There are dozens of different makes and models on the road, so it pays to ask the shops you review if they have experience with yours in specific. You don’t want to bring your vehicle to a mechanic who has never once serviced what you drive, as you then run the risk of a sub-par fix.

Critical Thinking
 – When you are at the shop, consider the environment and look for telltale signs of quality yourself. For example, is the shop busy and operating efficiently, or nearly deserted and taking forever? A lot can be determined from even just the waiting room.

Choose the Specialists at Automotive Specialties!

From fender benders to total body repair jobs, Automotive Specialties works for you, not the insurance companies! Not only can their team of experienced technicians restore your bodywork, but they also offer towing services in the event a collision has left your vehicle stranded.

When you need to repair your vehicle, consider Automotive Specialties! Call (630) 553-0397 or visit their website today to schedule an appointment.