When it comes to servicing your vehicle you most likely automatically think of getting your oil changed.  While that certainly is important, your brake fluid is an essential component to how your vehicle safely operates. One of the most neglected fluids under the hood of your vehicle is brake fluid and a brake fluid flush should be considered in your preventative maintenance schedule.

At Automotive Specialties, our customers rarely request this service and in the past, our technicians have been reluctant to sell this service unless there is an issue or it is tied to a brake repair. However, fresh brake fluid can protect some of the most important components on a vehicle.

Most manufacturers have a recommended service interval for flushing the brake fluid. If a visual inspection of the brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir appears to have debris or a greenish color, it’s a sign that it’s time to consider this service.

Brake fluid replacement is more critical than ever. Since 2008, just about every vehicle has come with some form of ABS and a hydraulic control module mounted under the hood or on a frame rail. Since 2012, every light vehicle sold has been equipped with stability control that has added valves and complexity to the hydraulic control unit. The hydraulic control unit needs fresh brake fluid to operate and protect valves and passages from corrosion and seals or hoses from degrading.

Keeping up with this maintenance service is a very inexpensive solution that will ultimately protect the vehicle’s hydraulic components. The technicians at Automotive Specialties may suggest this service on your vehicle, and for good reason, it could avoid costly repairs down the road.   

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